SDCE Career Services

Career Services is a program for students currently attending classes and recent graduates of San Diego Continuing Education.  Walk-in sessions and workshops listings are provided at selected campuses as indicated in the Monthly Calendar of Career Services that are located at each campus.

Career Services Calendar


Career Counseling FAQs

What is Career Counseling?  Career Counseling is a collaborative partnership between you and your counselor. Because every student’s career and job search needs are unique, our counselor will listen to you and ask questions to help determine (1) the goals you want to achieve with the help of counseling and (2) a concrete plan for achieving those goals.  This plan will serve as a flexible guide for the things you and our counselor will talk about, the career assessments you will take, and the career exploration tools you will acquire.

What will I discuss with my Career Counselor?  Career Counseling is about your future career and is and your counselor will work together to determine what to discuss.  Here are some of the topics that students frequently discuss with their career counselor:

  • Interests, skills, values, personality attributes, cultural background, and relationship experiences past and present.
  • What is your main barrier to seeking gainful employment
  • Unclear of career goal
  • Any life changes, mid-life careers, career switch, career enhancement
  • Transition to College and majors
  • How each of the above influence what majors, career path and training might be a good fit for your career goals.
  • How to understand and overcome difficulties in making career-related decisions.
  • How to write a good resume.
  • How to discuss past work history issues in a job interview and perform mock interviews
  • How to use the internet to find jobs.

What should I go to Career Counseling to get help with?  Our Career Counselors will help you create a career plan, choose a training program, write a resume, learn job search and networking skills, or provide information about specific companies/organizations.

Does a Career Counselor help me get a job?  Indirectly, yes.  But our Career Counselors do not "get" you a job.  They teach you how to improve your job search skills and assist with developing job leads by providing one-on-one consultations, classroom workshops and monthly seminars.

How do I sign up for an Individual Career Counseling appointment?  See the schedule at the top of this page or go to the front desk of your campus for the Career Services schedule and make an appointment. You can also make an appointment at any other campus.