Personality Type

Career Development Services Career Counselor, Doug Elliot, believes that skilled and professional workers need to know their Personality Type by completing one of a variety of self-assessment questionnaires.  Most are based on a proven theory of assessing how people perceive the world and make decisions based on their observations.

It's NOT for everyone, and it's NOT a career decision making assessment, although it does facilitate your ability to navigate through the career development and/or job search process.

There is no better alternative to the gold standard of personality type assessments than the actual Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but if you want take a similar survey or share some of the ideas about this fascinating assessment tool with others, you may find the following websites interesting;

Abbreviated personality type assessment from Humanmetrics:

If you are interested in learning about all 16 personality types:

To learn more about personality type, there are well-written descriptions here:

You can't have Temperament without Type...the four temperaments are explained on the Keirsey website: