Soft, Hard, and Transferable Skills

What are Soft Skills:  2 minute video 2 minute video

Soft Skills in the Workplace:  3 minute video

The New World of Work Top 10 21st Century Skills:

Adaptability, Analysis/Solution Mindset, Collaboration, Digital Fluency, Empathy

Entrepreneurial Mindset, Resilience, Self Awareness, Social/Diversity Awareness

From a previous article, Lynda Reeves, counselor says important soft skills include:

Accountability, Courtesy, Honesty, Reliability, Flexibility, Collaboration, Eye contact, Cooperation, Adaptability, Following instructions, Self-direction, Attitude, Dependability, Personal energy, Integrity, Work ethic, Punctuality, Wanting to do the job

In the Informational Technology field, perhaps these should top the list:

  • Personal chemistry
  • Commitment to life-long learning
  • Relating to co-workers in a close environment
  • Being friendly with fellow employees, supervisors, and customers


Portable or TRANSFERABLE skills are those HARD and SOFT skills that relate to many occupations, i.e., proficiency with MS Office Suite applications, or the ability to manage time using Outlook, etc.  Some skills are more transferable than others so you need to determine how your skills relate to each new job opportunity.  The challenge is to calculate the degree in which your HARD and SOFT skills transfer.

Task:  Compare your customized resume with the job announcement and see how they match your HARD and SOFT skills transfer?  How many of them relate to the requirements listed in the job announcement?  20% 50%  100%?  The higher the percentage of matching transferable skills, the higher the likelihood of you getting called for an interview!

Senior Moment:  For many 50+ workers, it's not your age that hinders your job search, it's you lacking current skills (which are often computer related) that keeps you from being a top contender for an open position.  This makes it crucial that you research what skills are needed and where you can obtain the training prior to entering the job market.