EDD Unemployment Insurance Info

The Employment Development Department (EDD) processes all unemployment insurance claims for Californians.  It’s your responsibility to understand the process to ensure you are treated fairly and efficiently. 


Need to file an unemployment insurance claim?  Go to the following webpage for info:




1. NOT receiving approval for training while receiving unemployment insurance (and checking the ”training” box before being approved).

2. NOT notifying EDD before the 16th week of benefits that you are interested in training (California Training Benefits (CTB) notice).

3. Missing telephone interview appointments to establish eligibility for a claim.


· Discuss training goals with an EDD Rep at the toll-free numbers: 1-800-480-3287.

· Ask the EDD Rep to FLAG your account for CTB before the 16th week of benefits.

· Don’t start training for a new career before being approved. 

· Keep a written record of all emails, telephone discussions, name of person you spoke with, and actions in a folder should you need to file an appeal. 

· Note:  Only EDD can offer official advice on unemployment insurance policies, so stay in contact with your EDD Representative.

· EDD website:  www.edd.ca.gov