Networking Tips

Networking is often talked about and rarely used to it's full advantage. It's how people find out about job opportunities...even those that are not advertised, the so-called "hidden job market". It's the "selling" part of the job search that causes job seekers to freeze in their tracks because it requires human contact vs. computerized job prospecting.

It's also the most important part of job security...because the old expression, "It's not what you know, it's who you know" is flat out wrong when you are seeking work. It's not who you's who knows you! It's who knows what you can do, knows how reliable you are, knows that you will fit in with the organization.  It's about your reputation!


The biggest impact on networking in the last few years has been online social media sites which are becoming increasingly popular. A simple search for "facebook job search" or "twitter job search" will yield thousands of links to tips, hints and lessons on how to use social media for job search networking.

But offline vs. online networking is still the leading source of connecting with people who could influence your job.

It's also why a personal business card is as important as a printed resume...maybe more important!! A personal business card? Yes! Design and print one today! Get some cheap card stock and cut them out by hand if you want...but office supply stores sell perforated cardstock and software to print them cheaply...or Google "free business cards" and discover what we already know...nothing in life is free, but most are cheap or charge a small shipping fee. DO IT!! Get ready to meet-and-greet people who know people who know people who might hire you...but do it with a personal business card. Because you do mean business don't you?? Uh huh. Of course you do.

Here are a few free/low-cost business card websites:


Networking links.... a Website for Toastmaster (a public speaking and networking group) of San Diego and Imperial counties. An online professional/work related networking site: free to join.