Resumes and Cover Letters

  • A resume is used in the United States for most job seekers, although a curriculum vitae, or C.V. is used for academic and medical professional's summary of work experiences. 
  • In many foreign countries, the term curriculum vitae is used although it is in the format of an American resume.  A resume is often 1-2 pages, whereas as a curriculum vitae in America is 5+ pages long.
  • A resume is your professional marketing tool and a cover letter should be included when sending to employers.
  • Cover letter includes why you believe that you are a good fit for the job or explain what has prompted the career move or job change.
  • IMPORTANT: If there are not enough key words/work history to match the job you are applying for, there's little hope of getting an interview.
  1. Begin with a CORE resume that no one will ever see that includes well written statemens that describe your accomplishments in previous positions.
  2. You will customize your CORE resume and it becomes a TARGETED resume for the job that you are applying for.
  3. Save it with the name of the company, i.e., CostcoResume.doc and change the name for each job that you apply for.

You can find fill-in EXAMPLES on this website by SDCE program in the "RESUME TEMPLATES FOR SDCE STUDENTS" section.


For Detailed Information:  Our Resume Workbook is provided as a Flipbook or there is also a PDF of it at the bottom of this page if you wish to save or print it...



A few resume websites with examples: